Thursday, June 28, 2012

We moved!

Oh yes! House number 5 in 5 years! We only thought we were done moving, but God had other plans.

We moved to our "forever" house last November... On over an acre, lots of space and lots of work, but we love it!

Then Michael was asked to manage a job in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After praying about it, he felt like it was an opportunity that he should not miss. Everything in me wanted to say NO, and I might have even said so at first. I had just felt settled from moving into our new house and love the community of friends we are blessed to do life with. I felt comfortable! But God does not call us to be comfortable, and comfort is definitely an idle of mine.

So here we are, living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma!!! Never would have thought!! We moved 2 weeks ago and are trying to figure our way around this new place! We still have our house in Texas, and both houses are fully furnished. We are able to go back and forth as much as we want, so we are blessed by that! Let the new adventures begin!!

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

Praise God!!!! Asher is home!!

After 5 long months of ups and downs, Asher was able to come home yesterday!!! I love God's timing... Yesterday was also Robyn and Bryan's anniversary ;-) What a sweet gift for them!! It has been a difficult past couple years for our best friends to say the least, but I am overjoyed to see what God has done in such difficult of circumstances! Asher is doing so well! He will go back a few more times for his esophagus stretched and will hopefully be able to continue his feeds with a bottle. He has a feeding tube in just in case he can't finish his bottles or his esophagus closes up again.

We love you Asher! And are praying for your next chapter at home!!! Xoxo!

And here is a pic of my first time holding the sweet little man :-) I did not want to give him back!!!

Paxton King

My shortest man :-) You have a spunky spirit like your sister! You burst into tears when you are scolded because you are mad, and then you go right back to doing what you were doing! Strong willed!! You do not like to be told no!

You are silly! You just started making a silly "cheese" face for the camera.

You love to run and tackle people! You are rough, but you are a momma's boy:-) Your sweet smile and spunk are priceless! So incredibly thankful for you!!!!

Adilyn Grace

This a post from March... She has changed so much already since this post!!!

Adilyn, your spirit and spunk gives my heart such great joy!  I thank God for your sweet and sassy personality... sometimes you are difficult, but I am so glad you are a confident little girl.  I pray that continues.  The things you say make me laugh... such as the other day when you told me that princesses do not have to clean up.  I informed you that they do in this house!  I don't know where you get the silly things you say from.  You have such an imagination!!!

You have had a lot going on this last month.  You gave up your night night, and you learned how to use the potty like a big girl :-)  My little girl is not a baby anymore, which makes me sad.

Now June...
Your spunk continues in full force! I love that you are independent, but that you love playing with your brothers and friends! You will not be forced into doing anything you don't want to. You are a strong willed little lady!! You love to play with your babies and my little ponies and dress up princess gowns, but in the very next moment you are getting dirty and playing trucks :-) your daddy loves that about you ;-)

You make me laugh everyday at your ideas and wild imagination! Yesterday you tried to grow a dog food plant! Ha!

Love ya to the moon and back, baby girl! So glad God allowed me to be your mommy. I am truly blessed!

Trevin Matthew

My sweet tender hearted boy! You have such a sweet, kind spirit. You have a genuine care for others and their feelings. You also have a repentful heart. You are truly sorry when you have done wrong. Your sweet prayers melt my heart... Everyday since Asher was born in February, you have prayed for him! You were delighted to hear he is finally home yesterday and thanked God for it! You were able to meet Asher a couple months ago and loved seeing him :-)

You take great care of your sister and brother! You even started "babysitting" while I take a shower!

Your favorite things are anything that daddy has and does... Tools, tractors, grilling, and building! You LOVE helping your daddy :-)

I love you so so much, my little man! You truly are a joy and melt my heart daily!

For real this time!

Okay, so obviously I have not been good about updating. Here is another attempt, because there truly is so much that I want to remember.
In a nutshell since February...

Paxton celebrated his first birthday! He inhaled his cake so fast that I had to take it away from him. My kids love sugar... They have their mommy's sweet tooth, unfortunately!

Here are some Easter and bluebonnet pics! Our first bluebonnet pictures since we were in Arizona in the past :-)

Adilyn celebrated her 3rd birthday in true princess tea party fashion. I love that she is such a girl, but can also hang with the boys just as easy! We had a lot of fun with just the girls!

Trevin played soccer! He had fun with it! I am happy with that because t-ball last spring was not so fun!

And a picture of my sweet boys just because ;-)